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Develop Capability for Large-Scale Eelgrass Seed Collection and Processing

    Project Start: 2003
    Scheduled Completion: 2003
    Primary Funding Recipient: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

    The success of broadcasting seeds for eelgrass restoration in the Chespeake Bay has been demonstrated. However, the availability of large numbers of seeds for restoration projects is limited due to a shortage of processing and storage facilities. Funding for this project was provided to dramatically expand the existing seed storage and processing facilties located at Piney Point Maryland, in order to help ensure a source of large quantities of viable seeds for future eelgrass restoration projects.

    In summary, reproductive shoots of plants were collected in the field during mid-May to mid-June, then held in a flow-through seawater system while the seeds mature and were released. The seeds were collected and separated from decomposing plant matter, then held in another flow-through seawater system for several months until planting, typically in October.

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Updated: March 2005
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